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Pilot Study: Consent and Terms of Use

We are launching a pilot study to test out the blockchain and application performance.

Here is our pilot study recruitment Brochure:


Here is our informed consent form for participants in the study:   Printable consent script


John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Title of Research Study: EAGER:Collaborative: Ewitness-Preserve and Prove Forensic Soundness of Digital Evidence             

Principal Investigator:  Shweta Jain, PhD

You are being asked to participate in this research study because you are 18 years of age or older and have an Android-based phone. The purpose of this research study is to test the performance of the an app called “eWitness”. If you agree to participate, we will ask you to download the eWitness app to your personal phone and then take photos while you are on campus.  The app allows you to click a button that submits a small “hash” that can later prove that a picture was taken and not modified.  The actual photo you take will not be transmitted and the app will not store or transit any personal information about you or from your phone.  You can choose to use the app to transfer photos to various media using other apps you have installed at your own discretion.  The app requires that “Location Services” is turned on and network services are available.  The app requires some data usage but this will be minimal.

We will have no knowledge of who downloads the app, takes photos or transmits the hash.  We do not anticipate any risks to you for participating.  We are not collecting any information about you. Your participation in this research is voluntary. If you have any questions, you can contact Shweta Jain at sjain at jjay.cuny.edu.  If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant or if you would like to talk to someone other than the researchers, you can contact CUNY Research Compliance Administrator at 646-664-8918 or HRPP at cuny.edu.

If you are interested in participating, you can download the eWitness app here:


Download printable version of this form here: Consent Script

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