Powered by Blockchain = Tamper-proof, Privacy, Trust

eWitness uses blockchain to establish provenance of images and videos taken from a smart phone camera. eWitness can be used to gather evidence of crime, human rights violation, domestic violence, corruption, traffic violations and more. An eWitness user is protected behind a pseudo-identity which is hidden even from the eWitness backend, until the user is ready to reveal themselves or to quietly pass the evidence on to their case-worker, trusted friend or sponsor.  The purpose of eWitness is to create  images and videos that can be trusted. The technology behind eWitness, provides the proof of location and time the media was taken and the proof that the media was not altered to misinform or deform the fact in any manner. 

eWitness uses a blockchain model known as permissioned chain. The chain is supported by various mutually non-trusting organizations who work together to keep it consistent while the chain carries media provenance for various use-cases.


NSF: National Science Foundation
This work is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1742919

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